Pozool releasing cloud version


The ATech Team is committed to giving Pozool users great features. We want to help you grow, so we can grow with you. We are releasing our Pozool Cloud version later this year. If you are interested,you can participate to win a free one-year subscription! In order to participate we need you to provide the following:

  • How do you use Pozool in your business? 
  • A picture of how Pozool looks in your business. Tell us your story. The best story will be in our website!
  • Agreement to use your picture and story on our website. If you would like to provide a link and logo of your business feel free to send that as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you going to keep Pozool point of sale for free?

Absolutely. Our free and basic version is going to be free to use, maintained, and improved with each release. Our cloud version is for users that need more advanced features.

2. Why you are launching Pozool Cloud?

Many of our users have requested features that cannot be provided offline. Pozool Cloud will help you to have more control and personalization according to the needs of your business.

3. How much is the Pozool Cloud subscription is going to cost?

In ATech, we believe in helping restaurant business owners. We are going to offer several affordable levels and keep our basic version free for those small business. Our basic version will be maintained and improved with each release.  

4. What kind of features I will have access?

 Features like backup, synchronization and others will be offered in Pozool Cloud. (if this is your money maker, you may want to add some more details.

5. If I don't want to renew my free subscription can I cancel?

Absolutely. We are committed to our users satisfaction. Please let us know if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions.

6. My question or concern is not here what do I do?

Please write to us and let us know what your question is.

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