Use your Android tablet or phone as a point of sale for your restaurant, bar, cafeteria or coffee shop for free!!

Are you a restaurant owner or manager considering upgrading or getting your business’s point of sale system (POS) to one that runs on a mobile device or tablet? ATech has a free alternative to help you cut costs. Our application, Pozool, is a point of sale system that is compatible with Android 4.0 platform, runs on phones and tablets, and offers you the following advantages:

Cost effective

Traditional POSs easily cost your business $3,000. With most POSs you pay upfront costs for the system and run the risk of being stuck with a system that does not meet the needs of your business. With Pozool, you have the opportunity to test the application on your tablet and/or phone for free and customize it to the unique needs of your  restaurant, coffee shop, food truck, bar or cafeteria. Simply download the application and enable our pre-loaded test data so that you can examine the features of Pozool to see how it would work for your business. If you like what you see, you can clear the data and start customizing the application by inputting your own sales items, discounts, currency and tax information.

It is very important to us that we do not show ads. We don't want to interrupt your work flow and bother you when you are using the point of sale (POS) system in your restaurant. Your information is stored locally on your android device; you don’t need to create an account with us to use our application.

If Pozool doesn’t meet all of your needs, send us feedback about what you would like to see in the application to make it better. We welcome user feedback and give all opinions the proper consideration to improve the application. We offer our users free software upgrades with new features and bug fixes.

Easy to use

At ATech we specialize in designing easy-to-use screens to create an intuitive mobile experience. We want to help you improve your interactions with your customers. The configuration to customize your POS is extremely user-friendly and offers a variety of  features. Once you have set up Pozool the android app, you can take orders quickly using only taps; there’s no need to type! One feature that our users love is the “split the bill” feature; they tell us that it has never been easier to split the bills on any tablet POS.

Pozool can be an excellent option as a cash register, point of sales for small and medium size restaurants. 

Highly customizable

We understand that our users need an application that will fit their business and will be able to change as their business grows. That’s why we have created Pozool POS with a host of features that you can customize to serve a broad community of users. You can enable or disable any features to suit your needs. Here are a few of the ways that Pozool is equipped to fulfill your unique requirements:

Printing options: Our POS is integrated with the capability of printing via USB, Bluetooth, or Google Cloud. Your invoices and receipts can be sent directly to your kitchen, printed to a thermal printer, or emailed. We integrate POS/ESC printing (Test it on Apex3).

Suite of reports: Pozool offers an amazing suite of reports to help you see how your business is doing. From sales reports to business indicators, you will be able to quickly see how your food truck, coffee shop, restaurant or bar is doing. Our users report that the “most popular items ordered” feature is one that helps them better adjust their inventory to meet customer demand.

Daily operations: Pozool offers an English and Spanish version of the application and you can customize the currency you use at your business. Our Tax/Discount module will allow you to set standard, specialty, or selective discounts and taxes. You can include photos of your sales items and easily add or delete items that you offer. As you take orders you can easily add notes to each order, add a gratuity, or split the bill.  These are just some of our more popular features that will allow you to more efficiently take orders and decrease the time it takes for your customers to receive their order.

System Notes and Requirements

Pozool/POS point of sales notes:

  • Android tablet or smartphone that supports 4.0 or more
  • POS-Pozool requires Bluetooth permission in order to connect to a POS thermal printer.
  • Use our preload data to test this POS right away. It is in in our welcome screen. Then in the application setting you can clear all the data when you are ready to customize it according to your restaurant, bar or coffee shop.
  • English and Spanish version for your point of sales system.
  • We do not require you to set up any account. You are one tap away from the best POS experience in the android play store.
  • Great support for Pozool point of sales. Contact us with no obligation if you have any questions, problems or suggestions for our POS.


Our POS is designed to work with android tablets or phones. However, for more comfort we recommend the use an android tablet.

Why did we release a free POS (point of sale) system for bars, buffets, food trucks, restaurants, coffee shop and other food vendors?

We live in Nicaragua where it is very expensive for small food service businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias or bars to obtain sophisticated hardware or software point of sale systems. We saw a need and wanted to make a contribution to help owners save costs and improve their businesses. Depending on user feedback we may launch a premium services version soon. However, we are going to continue providing a beautifully-designed, intuitive, POS application that is user-friendly and that can help owners organize their business. We especially recommend our point of sales for new business or those that are tired of complicated point of sale systems

If you are interested in the Pozool point of sales application you can download and install it from Google play. You can find more information about this incredibly easy-to-use point of sales for Android devices in the official Pozool page. Remember that we are improving the Pozool experience with each release!

Please contact us if you have additional question or would like to give us feedback.

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