What are the advantages of using your smartphone or tablet as a point of sale / cashier register system?

Does your small business need a point of sale or cashier system? If you have done your homework, you know that point of sales systems can be very expensive. According to Street Fight Magazine, traditional Point of sale (POS) systems can cost from $3000 to $50,000 . Why not turn to your android smartphone or a tablet into a point of sale system? It can save you money. 

There are already several alternatives in the Android Play Store. However, ATech thought we could make something less expensive and more intuitive for small business owners. Therefore, we have launched a free point of sale system that is fast and light. It is designed for all kinds of small food service establishments including restaurants, bars, food trucks, bakeries, and cafeterias. Pozool is a POS that works on a wide range of android devices like smartphones or tablets.

Pozool  was born with the mission to give small and medium size businesses a professional POS solution that they can adapt to fit their needs. We offer freedom so you  can run your business your way. Pozool is designed to work without extensive training. We provide a simple ordering system that works. 

There are  advantages/benefits to use your android tablet or smartphone as a point of sale:

  • Cost savings: traditional POS can be too expensive for small businesses. According to entrepreneur.com traditional POS can easily cost  $20,000. Pozool can save you thousands of dollars in start up costs. For a small business saving thousands of dollars is important.

  • Convenience: If you need to reorganize your business if you remodel for instance, it is easy to move to your android tablet or smartphone. It can be done in minutes!

  • Real time market analysis: Pozool can help your staff identify your most popular products or menu items. That will help you and your employees to do a better job.

  • Increased Efficiency:  Send receipts by mail and you can reduce the cost of  thermal receipt paper and printers.  Tablets and smart phones are more energy efficient than registers and computers

If you are thinking about a POS system using mobile devices, try Pozool and see what it can do for your business. . It can take less than an hour to decide if it is a good fit for you. You can use our preloaded data to test this Pozool right away. It is in in our welcome screen. It should take less than an hour to decide if it is a good fit for you. If it is, just use the application settings to clear all the data when you are ready to customize it to your needs.

If you would like more information. We have a couple of articles for you!

 Pozool values your feedback and we use it to make a better product. Pozool gets better and gets new features with every release! We thank you to all our users who took the time to write to us

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