Pozool the point of sale software that helps you to have your business in your hands

General informationAvailable in POSStatus in POS
7'' android devices as tablet yesconstantly improving
10'' android devices as tabletsyesconstantly improving
Android smartphones must be at least 4.0yesconstantly improving
offline versionyesconstanly improving
Reports with graphics and indicatorsyesconstanly improving
Items personalization (change name or price)yesconstanly improving
Multiprice for your itemsyesIncorporated
Cloud versionNodeveloping/testing it
Sync several devicesNodeveloping/testing it
Iphone/IpadNoNo planned
Fast checkoutYesIntegrated


Configuration (Profile bussiness)Available in POSStatus in the POS
Set an address yesIntegrated
Show your taxes yesIntegrated
Show discountsyesIntegrated
Show your tippingyesIntegrated
Set cashier printeryesIntegrated
Set your kitchen printeryesIntegrated
Set and personalize your currencyyesIntegrated


ModulesAvailable in POSStatus in the POS
Tipping  yesIntegrated
Taxes (inclusive or exclusive to the price item)yesIntegrated
Kitchen yesIntegrated
Disable/enable the modulesyesIntegrated


Tipping ModuleAvailable in POSStatus in the POS
Allow to set a custom tip amount yesIntegrated
Include in paymentyesIntegrated


Tax ModuleAvailable in POSStatus in the POS
set your taxes yesIntegrated
name your taxesyesIntegrated
tax includes all itemsyesintegrated
Inclusive and exclusive taxyesIntegrated


Kitchen ModuleAvailable in POSStatus in the POS
Print orders directly to the kitchen yesIntegrated


Image ModuleAvailable in POSStatus in the POS
Items with images to easly identify yesIntegrated


Printer integrationAvailable in POSStatus in the POS
Printing yesIntegrated only with Epson printer. We are working on integrating more printing options for our users.
Network printerNoNo integrated/testing
BluetoohYesOnly with POS/ESC printing Test it on Apex3
WifiNoNo integrated /testing
List of Epson printer Yes


TM-T88V, TM-T70, TM-U220, TM-U330, 
TM-P60, TM-P60II, TM-T20, TM-T82,
TM-T81II, TM-T82II, TM-T83II, TM-T70II, 
TM-T90II, TM-T20II, TM-P20, TM-P80.

Printers we use for testing  We test with Epson TM-T20, TM88IV, and POS/ESC printing Test it on Apex3