Frequently Asked Questions

About Pozool


About Pozool

  • Is Pozool free?

Yes, Pozool is free to use. 

  • Is Pozool right for me?

You can install Pozool and decide if it is a good fit for your business. Pozool is designed for restaurants and similars. However,  if it suitable for you business please feel free to use it. In order to help you decide you can load our test data, it is on our welcome screen.  It might take you around an hour to decide.

  • What features you have?

We have a page dedicaded for that. Please go to our features page.

  • Where I can download Pozool?

You can download Pozool in the PlayStore

  • Why did you release a free point of sale?

Our goal is to help small and medium size business owners to save resources. Instead of buying an expensive point of sale system for your restaurant or other business. Use Pozool and buy an oven, or other tools. We want you to grow, so we can grow with you.

  • Is Pozool only for restaurants?

Pozool is a point of sale designed for restaurants. However, if Pozool fits your need, feel free to use it. Also, we are planning to release versions that can fit another business models in the future. You can keep in touch by subscribing to our newsletter.

  • Do you have a cloud version?

We are working on it! we are excited to give you the best solutions and the best prices for your business.

  • Your point of sale is lacking a functionality. Can I suggest to integrate it?

Please do. Your input is important to us. Please take in consideration that it might take a while to integrate them. Be patience and keep in touch. We love to cook new functionality and more features for you! 

  •  My currency is not there?

We have a wide variety of currency. If your currency is not there, dont worry you can personalize it!  

  • What printers are integrated in Pozool?

We have a wide variety of options. We are working in integrating more. Check our complete list here 

  • My question is not here...Can I get in touch with you?

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us. We try to reply as soon as possible. Let us know what you think. We care about what our users tell us.